It’s IMPOSSIBLE to Win 8 Races in a Row!

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Okay, let me start by saying that I only occasionally bet on horse racing and when I do I’m with someone that follows them closely.. and even then I usually only bet for places. I would rather be more sure about winning a little than less sure about winning a lot. And after 3 weeks of betting on the Ladbrokes 3 million dollar mega pick promotion, I have come to the conclusion that it’s easier to win lotto than it is to pick 8 winners in a row!!

Like I said, I’m no racing expert, but the best I have done is one win out of eight. I know that’s poor form but there must be thousands of professional punters out there having a go at this bet and none of them have even come close. Eight Bills paying $17 won the first of the eight races today, so I’m sure that knocked most punters out of the running.

It’s only $3 to play though, so I’ll keep having a go until the spring racing carnival promotion finishes. Ladbrokes has also been running a $20 return for all bets on race 3, so it’s impossible to lose. I have been picking long shots in the hope that one comes good but today I went with the favourite Lumosty and won. It was paying $1.70 so that’ll pay for all my $3 losses on the mega pick millions bet. Ladbrokes said 4,600 punters had nearly $86,000 returned at Moonee Valley Race 3 today.

Here’s my picks for the $3 million mega pick.. (think I’ll stick to sports betting)

Horse Racing – MegaPick
Moonee Valley Race 2
5. Straight Gold – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 3
1. Lumosty – Win
Moonee Valley Race 4
6. Greco – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 5
1. Precedence – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 6
6. Hooked – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 7
13. Go Indy Go – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 8
2. Fawkner – Lost
Moonee Valley Race 9
4. Suavito – Lost
– $3.00 (100% Flexi) @ Exotic MegaPick


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