Cricket World Cup Tipping Competition

world cup cricket comp

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to watching some cricket over the next few weeks with the ICC Cricket World Cup starting in a couple of days. It has been 23 years since the World Cup was last hosted in Australia and New Zealand so it’s been quite a wait. I don’t think I’ll make my way down to Sydney to watch a match but all the Australian matches will be on free to air tv. There’s also a pirate channel online that I’m hoping will show all of the matches but I’ll let you find that yourselves ;-) [Read more...]

The Glenn Maxwell Leave

glenn maxwell wicket

Everyone else is talking about it, so I thought I should mention it too. What about that leave from Glenn Maxwell in lastnight’s Big Bash game?! The “Big Show” was a “No Show”! The Melbourne Stars star stepped back and charged at the Brisbane Heat bowler Cameron Duffield, looking like he was going to go BIG and he didn’t even swing the bat! Was it a brain freeze? [Read more...]

NRL Finals Football Tips

rugby legue finals football

I hope everyone is looking forward to the two big NRL football matches this weekend, with the AFL grand final thrown in for good measure. Stop crying over your team dropping out and just enjoy the bloody things for what they are, which should be good games of football if they’re anything like last week! I haven’t been following the AFL closely this season but being a New South Welshman, I’ll have to back the Sydney Swans! With the Rugby League, my money is on the Rabbitohs and the Bulldogs. [Read more...]

OBM Blog on Social Media

bets on social media

Finally got around to opening a few social media accounts for the Online Betting Blog! It has only taken me about a year to do it but it’s better late than never! I seriously use that term way too much, but hey, I’m working on that too. Over the years I have found that the only 2 social media sites worth using are Facebook and Twitter, so I’ll focus on the two biggies for now. [Read more...]

Online Gambling Blog: Getting back on the Horse

gambling blog online

Wow how time flies. I was planning to update the Online Betting Man blog everyday and then a year passes without a single post! I started to create a list of Australian betting sites online in September 2013 and it’s now September 2014. That’s okay though, I’m refreshed and ready to get back on the horse after a long spell in the lush green paddocks. I haven’t been betting every day since I last posted but I have been doing rather well this 2014 rugby league season. I haven’t had massive weekends but I have been at least a little ahead each week, so I can’t complain. [Read more...]