It’s IMPOSSIBLE to Win 8 Races in a Row!

betting on horses

Okay, let me start by saying that I only occasionally bet on horse racing and when I do I’m with someone that follows them closely.. and even then I usually only bet for places. I would rather be more sure about winning a little than less sure about winning a lot. And after 3 weeks of betting on the Ladbrokes 3 million dollar mega pick promotion, I have come to the conclusion that it’s easier to win lotto than it is to pick 8 winners in a row!! [Read more...]

James Packer says Gamblers are “Killing us” at Crown Casino

james packer crown casino

I can’t imagine there will be too many punters out there feeling sorry for the billionaire casino mogul James Packer when he complains about an unlucky streak. High rolling punting whales have had a better than usual run with both the Melbourne and Perth casinos run by Packer, with the two of them reporting poor casino win rates. At the recent Crown annual general meeting he said “the punters are killing us!” [Read more...]

Ladbrokes $3 Million Dollar MegaPick Bet

$3 million mega pick bet

Did everyone have their $3 million dollar bet on with Ladbrokes today? For $3 I thought it was worth joining them just to have a go. I’m betting the chances are better than winning the lottery. You had to pick the winner in the last 8 horse races at Caulfield Guineas Day. It’s a big promotional push they’re doing during the Spring Racing Carnival. [Read more...]

First Week of Australian A-League Soccer Tips

australian soccer free tips

The first week of the Australia A-League soccer season is here. While I don’t follow it as closely as Rugby League, Cricket, or a whole bunch of other sports, I do keep one eye on it. Keeping a little distance from the game seems to help with my betting too as most weekends I’ll come out in front. I put smaller bets on Australian soccer but percentage wise I often do better than sports that I watch more closely! [Read more...]

South Sydney Rabbitohs Win the NRL Grand Final 2014

south sydney rabbitohs win

Wow, what a way to finish off the NRL season for 2014. I rarely ever bet much on grand finals and really big matches as anything can happen on the day. Adrenalin and nerves can do funny things to even the best players. After the AFL grand final upset last weekend and the 40+ years between drinks for the Rabbitohs, I wasn’t sure I was on a winner until the fat lady had finished her song and walked off stage. The game was much closer than the 30-6 score line suggests. [Read more...]