List of Australian Bookmakers Online

list of aussie bookmakers

I keep losing track of links to different Australian bookmaker websites so I thought I would make a page to refer back to again and again. I have them in my bookmarks but when I’m not on my computer I have to keep using search engines to find them, so this is why I’m doing this post. I’m just adding the Australian bookmakers that I have used and I might add more later. Let me know of any others I should add too. [Read more...]

NFL Cheerleader Uniforms Disappearing

cheerleader tits and ass

This is not a complaint, just an observation, a very careful observation: cheerleader uniforms are disappearing over time. From the 60s and 70s where their only job was to cheer and wave the occasional pom pom around through to today where they’re professional dancers that wouldn’t look out of place in a strip club. They’re basically wearing skimpy underwear and my only complaint is that we should see more of them during every game! ;-) [Read more...]

Australian Cricket Tour of India

brad haddin wicket keeper

Brad Haddin will be the Australian wicket keeper for the VB ODI tour of India in October, thank #uck! I used to complain about him being the wicket keeper when he wasn’t making runs but he’s better than having a wicket keeper like¬†Matthew Wade that doesn’t make runs and can’t catch a ball. Also, I have no idea what Phil Hughes is doing on the team as he has proven that he’s not there for his batting! [Read more...]