West Indies and Pakistan Cricket Match Fixing

pakistan cricket match fixing

The recent Pakistan v West Indies ODI cricket series has come under investigation for match fixing. Irregularities in the scoring and the betting activity have prompted authorities to look further into the 5 match one day international series in the Caribbean. The visiting Pakistan team won the series. [Read more...]

Funny Cheerleader Photos

fat cheerleader photo

OK, sports and gambling shouldn’t be just about hard work, dedication, awesome decisions, and counting your big wads of cash all day. There should be lighter moments too.. times where you laugh or look at hot babes.. or do both at the same time, like when cheerleaders do silly things. Here’s some funny cheerleader photos for your viewing pleasure.. [Read more...]

Cricket Australia Bullshit Tweet

cricket australia bullshit tweet

The official Cricket Australia Twitter account briefly showed some human qualities by posting a tweet with some honesty in it, only to later apologize for being human. It then said it didn’t come from the official Cricket Australia Twitter account and was investigating the matter. I say #bullshit! [Read more...]

Second Ashes Test Match at Lord’s

ashes cricket at lord's

Ok, I’m going with an Australian Ashes win at Lord’s. It’s just a small bet and I might put on a live bet after seeing how the game is progressing later. The Aussies have a good record at Lord’s and everyone on the team are now wanting to perform. I also put a small bet on Michael Clarke to make 50 in the first innings. He’ll be looking to improve on his poor results in the first Ashes test! [Read more...]

Queensland to Win the State of Origin

3rd state of origin 2013

The third and deciding State of Origin game is on tonight and online bookmakers are offering all kinds of incentives to encourage punters to place their bets with them. The Queensland Maroons are favourites to beat the New South Wales Blues but I’m not so sure. I’m thinking the Blues have to win a series at some point!!! Droughts do break. [Read more...]